Shimono Vacuum Cleaner

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Shimono Vacuum Cleaner

Shimono Pro-Cyclone Rocket Vacuum SVC 1015 (picture as shown above)

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Shimono Pro-Cyclone Cyclone vacuum cleaner sucked the dust-wide air separated from the accumulation of dirt and easy to damage the motor. It has superb suction force can effectively suck the naked eye faceless grime sofa, bed, car, and even hidden in the nooks and crannies of the dirt, but also can easily manage Qing Clean.

Small size and beautiful, and easy to carry SVC 1015 Rocket Vacuum assisted more with five kinds if accessories, including 180-degree rotatable brush, brush the Quartet, 360-degree rotatable round brush, extended strip tubes, mites and bed bugs with crevice suction tool.



x1 Vacuum unit with complete brush & accessories

x1 User manual.


Other Details

SKU                        SH0HAAATU8NANMY-14212472

WARRANTY        1 Year from Local Supplier

Wattage               600w



Happyshimono user – via renotalk

Posted August 28, 2010

The vacuum itself is actually not bad, suction strong and battery life quite long as the salesman will say. But, there’s apparently a common issue with the switch. Shortly after getting mine, the switch had problems, and I’d have to jiggle it on/off a few times before the cleaner will come on. Overall it’s a good vacuum.


Josephsbs – via renotalk

Posted December 17, 2012

I bought 1 unit of the improved version during a computer show at Suntec 1+ years ago… the unit still in good working condition. Spec says 40 mins per charge but I usually charge it after a few days cos my usage is rather light.

in fact, i bought another unit at the recent IT show at Expo... guess i must be quite happy with this gadget.

dunno about what other salesmen say, those chaps i bought from (at both computer shows) clearly said this cyclone thingy is not a vacuum cleaner so i did't expect it to perform like one; used it as a "broom" replacement.

yes, and definitely, this gadget has its flaws; my views are:

* suction power is limited... suction is lower than a cheap $50 vacuum cleaner so go for a vacuum cleaner if you want more power

* 40 mins of limited battery life... charge cycle actually depends on length and intervals of each use. i use it as a broom, each use is only about 10+ mins so i'm still alright.

* it's not exactly cheap... compared to a wired vacuum cleaner

* lightweight, portable and tangle free... unlike the vacuum cleaner with a long tail of wire behind

just my 0.02 cents worth of feedback.


Btze82 – via lowyat forum

Posted November 10, 2014

Can be used to vacuum car, ceiling, curtain, floor and especially bed! The third last picture was vacuum from car the the last two pictures were vacuum from just bed and sofa! Can you imagine how much dust mites in there! Some more I vacuum my sofa and bed every month!!

It is easy to clean also, just pour the rubbish into plastic bag, wash the accessories with running water, may be slightly brush the filter with toothbrush and wipe the main body and the sponge with damp cloth and set it aside to dry. I even follow the fb suggestion to put the bedsheet into a black plastic bag and put under the sun for an hour, to kill the dust mites!

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Shimono Vacuum CleanerShimono Pro-Cyclone Rocket Vacuum SVC 1015 (picture as shown above)Product Det..
RM488.00 RM335.00